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We use Adipose and Bone Marrow - derived stem cells for therapy and treatments...





A Comparison of 3 Sources of stem cells used in the industry:

Bone marrow - Mostly hematopoietic, these are the blood and growth factor secreting cells (RBC, WBC, etc).
Adipose tissue stroma (Fat) - Stromal source house stem cells and progenitors; studies of adipose have shown that 5% will become blood cells while at least 95% are Mesenchymal Stromal Stem Cells which will become tissue cells.

I heard that expansion of the cells to increase their numbers and/or manipulating the cells to convert them into a closer needed cell lineage is a better therapy, do you provide this?

Unfortunately, expansion adn manipulation are not offered in the United States. The FDA has certain guidelines clinics in the USA must follow: nonexpansion and less than minimal manipulation are just 2 of the many....

In the USA, only less than minimally manipulated cells can be provided...a near impossible feat to say the least.

(You may Contact us for a non-USA location that does provide expansion and manipulation.

Do you offer Bone Marrow Harvesting?

Yes. We can provide Bone Marrow Harvested stem cells and are willing to make arrangements for such.


What can I expect from a non-US treatment?

Consultations are done 1 to 14 days prior to treatment. Procedures and treatments include (1) 1-2 hour consultation (2) harvesting (3) extraction (4) preparation (5) multiple infusions; multiple treatments, and (6) custom-compounded medication(s). The procedure can be done as needed, with possible intermittent therapy as support.