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Q: What if I don't really need liposuction but still want a Natural Breast Augmentation with Stem Cells?

  • New advances in Stem Cell Therapy allows women with very little fat to still benefit from this procedure. We will still need to do a mini-lipo in order to harvest a small amount of fat for the stem cells extraction.
  • Employing the latest technologic advances using fat harvesting, adult stem cell transfers, and breast filling technology to provide women the option of enlarging their breasts, using their own autologous fat, stem cells, fillers, and growth factors without the use of unnatural implants.
  • We use tumescent liposuction by hand and not a Jet device, to gently harvest the fat. The fat is then processed by hand to extract and activate the stem cells. These stem cells greatly enhance the fat survival. The stem cells are then concentrated with the fat, PRP growth factors and Hyaluronic acid scaffoding matrix and re-injected into the breast. The injection of the fat along with the stem cells can result in a permanent 250cc+ overall breast size increase.  This would allow for a 1+  bra cup size increase.
  • The end result is enlarged breasts that are very natural appearance and feel without the risk of implants. Unlike implants, this procedure will not interfere with future Mammograms. 

Is this procedure controversial?

  • For 20 years the major U.S. Plastic Surgery Society denounced Fat Transfer to the Breast as a dangerous procedure. This decision was based on technology and techniques used 20 years ago. Recent developments and results from patients prompted the recent lift on this ban in March 2009. Many Plastic Surgeons are unaware of the new and improved techniques, or of the recent lifting of this ban, and still advise patients against this procedure. The common myths you will hear from doctors who have not followed these recent changes are:
  • Myth: Most of the fat doesn’t survive so more than one surgery is needed
  • Truth: New techniques have proven an 85-90% fat survival. And with our Stem Cell Techniques incorporated, survival can be even higher. The alternative breast implants need to be replaced every 10 years and problems such as scarring and rupture are common.
  • Myth: Calcifications caused by the surgery can interfere with mammograms
  • Truth: Studies have proven that newer digital mammograms can easily evaluate calcifications in the breast, whereas the alternative breast implant procedures, block more than ½ of the breast from the view of mammograms.

Who is the ideal candidate?

  • Anyone who desires a permanent increase in breast size that is natural in appearance. The Natural Breast Augmentation is ideal for the person who has lost fullness in her breast due to age, weight fluctuations, and breast feeding. A 1-2 cup size increase and more fullness are expected from this procedure. However the person who would not be happy with anything less than a 2-3 cup size increase should consider Breast Implants.

Is this similar to the Stem Cell Breast Augmentations being used in Japan?

  • Yes, we offer stem cell enhanced fat transfer to improve fat survival.

Stem Cell Augmentation:

  • Stem Cell-enhanced Breast Augmentation uses your own autologous fat tissue (adipose) that is a rich source of stem and progenitor cells. These stem cells are not the controversial embryonic stem cells, fetal stem cells, or someone else's cells. Soft tissue transplants have been done for many years, but this new procedure uses a special process to ensure that the transplanted cells will live and adapt to the transplantation site.
  • Tumescent Liposuction gently removes fat and stromal stem cells from the patient.
    Cells do not use a machine processing system, they are processed by hand using less than minimally manipulated technology.
  • We separate progenitor cells and stem cells from the fat cells and stroma.
  • The stem cells are then washed and concentrated.
  • The concentrated stem cell mixture is combined with the fat cells, growth factors derived from PRP, and a hyaluronic acid scaffolding matrix may be used.
  • The final mixture is injected into the breast under local anesthesia, where it replaces tissue volume.

The Stem Cells can help to:

  • Grow new blood vessels to feed the fat
  • Releasing anti-inflammatory substances to aid in healing
  • Release growth factors to tighten the skin over the breast

To find out if you are a candidate, please complete the Appointment Application, stating you would like a USA procedure or Overseas procedure performed.  We will then email you a link to the Medical Intake Form.